All-type roof racks made of PVC in many dimensions. The products are suitable for any sports venue. They are used in soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, tennis and multipurpose courts. They are ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

The sports shelters are made of high-strength PVC films and are divided into three categories. The first (airborne shells) consisting of one or more membranes based on air pressure and do not require any pre-fabrication. In this category, special fans create the necessary air pressure to allow the fabric to remain inflated. The next two categories are shells based on either wooden or metal structures.

The advantages of these covers are as follows: Installation is quick and simple. The room is naturally enlightened during the day and thus reduces or eliminates the need for artificial lighting by saving money. This type is clearly a much more economical solution than the construction of a classic indoor gym. Finally, the prefabricated room can be quickly and easily disassembled and transported with minimal impact on the environment.

The life of the membrane is set at 35-40 years.

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