Since the beginning of 2010, we have already settled for five years in the area of sport centers equipment, sport flooring and playgrounds. Your continuously increasing interest for our products was the outcome of your trust towards our business capabilities to suggest and implement practical and cost-effective solutions.

We believe that the two-generation experience into the fields and in various field of plays where the "heart" of the Greek sports beats contributed to this fact.

Thus, we welcome the second 5-years cycle that just began for our company with the issuance of our new catalogue (prospectus) that you hold in your hands and where you can find:

  • Our suggestions for the contemporary, and safe in use, sports equipment of any kind and of any grade of a sports hall.
  • Οur new products in the field of sports equipment which constantly broaden our activities horizons and simultaneously specialize into your demands. And finally,
  • Our new co-operations, exclusive or not, with famous factories all over the world, which construct certified sport equipment for any kind of sports activities.

The main concern of Sports Solutions remains as follows:

  • The submission of contemporary and professional solutions.
  • The facilitation, the resolution and the conclusive settlement of problems that daily bothers you.
  • The implementation of new and innovative ideas, besides the difficult sports and business period, where the dead ends derived from ignorance and luck of time are an obstacle of progress and development.

So, following the contemporary and simultaneously practical and many times alternative “highways” into your search, we puzzle new concepts for your needs and for your capabilities.

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